pipe couplings

for pressure and vacuum conveying

Pipe couplings for various applications are available from stock at short notice. High pressure couplings, stepped couplings, DRS pipe connectors and DKS couplings are part of our extensive product portfolio.


Our couplings convince with their robust design and have been proven for decades in various industrial sectors. Furthermore, we offer almost every types of gaskets.


  • DKS pipe couplings for pressure conveying
  • DRS pipe connectors for suction conveying
  • high pressure couplings
  • pipe connectors to join glass and stainless steel pipes
  • stepped couplings to join pipes with different cross sections
  • pipe couplings for fluids
  • pipe connectors for pneumatic dispatch systems
  • pipe couplings with special gaskets (Viton, Silcone, FDA quality)
  • pipe couplings system STRAUB, TEEKAY and NORMA
  • traction reliefs to compensate axial forces
  • diameter 33,7mm to 355,6mm
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