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Hose couplings

Innovative hose couplings with patented operating modes are part of our comprehensive delivery program.


  • Dry-Mate safety couplings
  • PTFE coated couplings
  • TYKOFLEX couplings (Perrot system) 
  • couplings with end-switch (Inductive/Namur) 
  • original system KAMLOK MIL-C 27487 / EN 14420-7 (DIN 2828)
  • Camlock couplings in any material
  • drop-free high pressure couplings
  • STORZ  couplings
  • TW couplings DIN 28450 
  • lever arm couplings DIN 2828 
  • sight-glass couplings
  • lockable couplings
  • self-closing couplings
  • GUILLEMINE couplings
Fittinge und Ersatzteile

BANJO Fittings + spare parts

  • BANJO fittings in PP,

  • fittings in PVDF and 1.4301 

  • replacement gaskets for any couplings
  • IBC component parts
  • BANJO ball valves
  • BANJO electric ball valves
  • BANJO Strainers
  • BANJO Cam Lever Couplings
  • BANJO products for Liquid Handling
  • hose armatures in stainless steel, brass, aluminium  
  • threaded hose couplings DIN 11851
  • flange connections for all kinds of hoses 
  • hose clamps
  • hose clamp collars 
  • spare parts for all offered products


Piping material for conveying powder or free-flowing mediums is available from stock at short notice - in any size, dimension and material.


  • pipe couplings for pneumatic conveying systems
  • pipe connectors for suction lines
  • pipe bends in glass, stainless steel or wear-resistant version
  • pipe fittings (pipe branches andT-pieces as well as reducers)
  • pipes in any material and diameter
  • wear-protection for pipe bends and pipe fittings
  • conveying and suction hoses made of rubber, plastic or metal
  • dual-band couplings for axial fastening
  • coupling stations based on customized CAD drawings
  • suction lances in stainless steel or aluminium
  • innovative magnet separators
  • pipe couplings


pipe couplings

Pipe couplings for a wide range of applications connect fast and safely - proven over decades.


  • DKS pipe couplings for pressure conveying
  • DRS pipe connectors for vacuum conveying
  • high pressure couplings
  • pipe connectors to join glass and stainless steel pipes
  • stepped couplings for various pipe cross sections
  • pipe couplings for fluids
  • pipe connectors for pneumatic dispatch systems
  • pipe couplings with special gaskets (Viton, Silicone, FDA quality)
  • pipe couplings system STRAUB, TEEKAY and NORMA
  • traction relief to compensate axial forces
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Hose lines

We offer an impressive selection of conveying hoses for each medium in stainless steel PTFE, PVC, PUR, NBR,  VITON, or natural rubber - up to DN 500mm.

  • PTFE corrugated hoses
  • PTFE-HD-hoses
  • PTFE compensators
  • TEFLON transfer hoses
  • stainless steel flexible hoses for vapour, oil, air or chemicals
  • DVGW gas hoses 
  • stainless steel compensators 
  • tank truck hoses 
  • chemical hoses
  • sewage water hoses
  • conveying hoses for granules
  • silo hoses
  • high and low pressure hoses made of rubber
  • thermoplastic high pressure hoses
  • corrugated hoses made of PTFE / PFA 
  • Mounting equipment
  • custom-made products in any quantity



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Druckflex offers specific solutions with the aim to completely satisfy each single customer. We revert to more than 50 years of company history, experience and an extensive product portfolio. We will be happy to assist you with the support of a well-skilled team of consultants.


Our key products are:

To meet our customer demands we continously align our range of high quality technical products. A well-skilled and competent sales team is available for you to contact. We would be pleased to talk to you personally about your individual need and provide you with detailed information.


Due to optimized warehousing, the use of state-of-the-art ERP software and our constant readiness to deliver spare parts we can ensure high quality purchasing for our customers.


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