BANJO Fittings and Spare Parts

Gaskets, BANJO fittings + IBC accessories, armatures, clamps

We stock a comprehensive product range of spare parts, BANJO fittings and gaskets in order to offer each of our customers prompt and efficient solutions.



  • fittings in PVDF and 1.4301 

  • replacement gaskets for any couplings
  • IBC accessories
  • BANJO  (electric) valves
  • BANJO Kamloks (Cam Lever Couplings)
  • BANJO Hose barbs
  • BANJO strainers
  • BANJO manifold system
  • hoses armatures in stainless steel, brass and aluminium  
  • threaded hose couplings DIN 11851
  • flange connections for all kinds of hoses 
  • hose clamps
  • hose clamp collars 
  • spare parts for all offered products
Fittinge und Ersatzteile

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