Dry-Mate couplings

for drip-free disconnection of aggresive fluids

Dry-Mate safety couplings or so-called dry couplings allow safe disconnection and connection of flexible lines in which, for example, chemical substances are transported.

Under ideal conditions, disconnecting will be nearly "drip-free", made possible by a patented design using a double ball valve. Based on a Camlock locking system, coupling and uncoupling can only take place after the hose lines have been closed by the ball valves .


Dry-Mate safety couplings  are available in stainless steel AISI 316 and in polypropylene. Any spare parts as well as gaskets (Viton, EPDM, Kalrez) can be supplied at short notice.


Various sizes from 1“ to 2“ are available – even with full pass. Further dimensions on request.

Dry-Mate (Stainless Steel)

size Male/Female passage item number
1“ female full DM100DBSS
1" male full DM100ABSS
1 ½“ female full DM150DBSS
1 ½“ male full DM150ABSS
2" female 1 ½“ DM200DBSS
2" male 1 ½“ DM200ABSS
2" female full DM220DBSS
2" male full DM220ABSS

Dry-Mate (Polypropylene)

size Male/Female passage item number
1 ½“ female full DM150DBPP
1 ½“ male full DM150ABPP
2" female 1 ½“ DM200DBPP
2" male 1 ½“ DM200ABPP
2" female full DM220DBPP
2" male full DM220ABPP
3" female full DM300DBPP
3" male full DM300ABPP